Order Management Software

Our order management software solutions entail your customer to simply order food online by simply having access to the internet. Or when your customer visits the restaurant they can check for the menu and the type of cuisines from any digital device. As soon as they select their order, the details of the item are displayed on the monitor and your chef can manage things accordingly.


What is included

Order Management System Features:


Find nearby Restaurants

Customers can find the nearby restaurants within their location.


Table Booking

Customers and even administrator can book a table as per the Bookings.


Order Management

Get the order online along with the customers details(name, address, contact info)


Payment Management

Order Management systerm allows you to receive Online Payments.


Order Booking Management


Our order management software development company helps to find restaurants near your customers' location by capturing the current customer location. Your customer can also search for restaurants by selecting their desired location by typing the name of the location on the map. They will be navigated to the selected restaurant through the map. Moreover, your customer can filter restaurants basing on categories like ‘Veg’, ‘Non-veg’, ‘Chinese’ etc.

  • Streamlined order execution
  • Optimized resource utilization
  • 360 Degree customer engagement
  • Order tracking and timelines
  • Efficient & accurate financial calculations
  • Easy alalysis of human capital resources